Massage & Metaphysical healing
Integrative Bodywork

A combination therapy of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Vedic Thai, Passive Stretching, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point and Reiki to address pain associated with postural deviations and stagnant flow of energy. This style is equally dynamic as it is relaxing; restoring range of motion, allocating greater ease of movement and inducing stress reduction.

60 min $100 75 min $115 90 min $130

Cupping Therapy w/ Integrative Bodywork

An ancient Chinese practice that involves placement of suction cups upon skin to promote blood circulation and lymph flow. This method uses negative pressure drawing the skin, connective tissue and superficial layers of muscle tissue away from the body to release dwelling impurities, loosens restrictions, encourages blood flow and encourages joint mobility. Cupping may leave marks that could last from 1-3 weeks; a result from the toxins and stagnation that have been pulled from the tissue.

60 min $115 75 min $130 90 min $145

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Massage & Metaphysical healing
Hot Stone w/ Integrative Bodywork

Heated basalt stones are applied to specific points of the body to melt away muscle tension and relax the tissue for deeper bodywork. Stones are also used in collaboration with rhythmic massage strokes, deep tissue and trigger point for restriction release. The therapist ensures that the stones are an appropriate temperature before application.

90 min $145 for Full Body

Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork

An ancient healing art originating from Thailand used to address physical, energetic and emotional restrictions. This beautiful yoga-massage art involves passive assisted asanas (yogic type stretching,) flowing, rhythmic compressions, acupressure, reflexology, controlled breathing practices & meditation. This remedies stress & stagnation within the system, helps break through mental-emotional patterns that are the root cause of disease & suffering. This bodywork style is performed on the table with receiver completely clothed.

60 min $115 75 min $130 90 min $145

*Gift cards not redeemable for Kinetic Remedies.