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client receiving a facial with a mask


We offer facials for all skin types and concerns, and are here to educate you on your specific skincare needs and send you home with a recommended routine. Review our offerings through the menu below and please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Relaxing Facial 


Duration 75 minutes

A blissful fusion of rejuvenating skincare and soothing massage.  This experience combines the personalized touch of our Custom Facial with the indulgence of a massage, ensuring a seamless flow of relaxation from head to toe. 

Custom Facial


Duration 50 minutes

Stimulating or Claiming this treatment is all about feeding the skin to give the skin a glow for days. This treatment will improve skin tone and elasticity. Restores capillary flow and increases nutrition in the skin by using ingredients that the body needs to increase productivity and function. 

SKIN TYPE: Customizable for any skin type. 

Retinal Infusion Facial


Duration 1 hour

Osmosis MD Infusion facial with Revita Pen is the first non-acid peel in the skincare industry that creates a substantial increase in fibroblast activity as well as a significant stimulation in collagen production. Instead of wounding the skin, our Facial Infusion gently resurfaces the epidermis by feeding the dermis to encourage cellular renewal, making safe for any skin tone and every skin condition. This 30-day collagen production increases in the skin for immediate, youthful results with no down time.

SKIN TYPE: ALL skin types 

Oxygen Facial


Duration 45 mins

Oxygen is essential to keeping skin looking young and healthy.The Circadia Oxygen Rx facial is formulated to deliver oxygen to the skin minimizing the risk of free radical damage. The Oxygen Rx treatment can be used on any skin type. The germicidal action makes it extremely beneficial for acne. The lightening and vasoconstriction capabilities give instant brightening and the end result is clear and luminous skin with a feeling of firmness.

SKIN TYPE: ALL Skin Types 

Signature Facial 


Duration 80 mins

Our Signature Facial is pulling out all the stops to get your skin glowing, healthy and refreshed.  This facial combines all that we have to offer in one facial in order to get the greatest benefit out of each step. Our Signature Facial starts with a deep exfoliation, to remove the dead layer of skin off the surface of your face so each step following will be more beneficial. Next our chemical-less peel known as a retinal Infusion treatment, will be delivered with our Revitapen Pro to give the skin a significant stimulation in collagen production.  Following a hydro jelly mask will be applied with LED light therapy to hydrate and heal the skin. Leaving your skin smooth, bright, and hydrated. 

SKIN TYPE: ALL skin types 

Serum Infusion Treatment


Duration 30 mins

Tone and wrinkle-correcting boosters re-establish the look of clarity and firmness in the skin, offering a refreshed, nourished look for a time sensitive client.  This treatment is great to get in the down time between your monthly facials or to freshen up before an event.  

SKIN TYPE: ALL skin types, except inflamed or open breakouts. 

LED Light Therapy Add On


Duration 15 mins

Add Light therapy to any facial to help reduce and improve skin conditions and issues. 

Extra Extractions


Duration 15 mins

This is the perfect add on if you want extra time spent on extractions durning your facial. 

White Cream

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